+ Warehouse Management System   + Timesheet Management System   + HR Management System
  + Clinic Management System   + Event Management System   + Membership management System
  + School Management System   + Office Automation System   + Hotel Automation System
  + Hospital Automation System   + Accounting System   + Library Management System
We are proud to present few products as above to highlight our strengths in development. All the systems listed above are for sale and build in a way that are very easy to customize and suite your specific needs.

Apart from the systems listed above, we are also always ready for customers who needs custom systems developed for their daily business or other needs. With us, custom systems does not have to be expensive! Try us out and you will learn how reasonable our pricing is...

Also, after completion of a system for our valued customers, we always ready to extend our services by giving continous system maintanance support. We also provide data backup services since we know very well the importance of backing up system datas!
We will sit with the client and also sometimes with their employees to gather all types of information needed for the system development.

This phase includes conceptualization, system requirements analysis, module determination, system boundary indication, resources determination, development timeline and costing. Once done, will be checked and discussed with the customer before finalized.
  Result of the analysis will be used by the developers to design the interface and flow of the system so that client can visualize how the end system will look like.

Adjustments will be made to the design according to client's feedback before actual development phase is started.
  Engineers will start to develop the complete system using related programming languages based on the finalized modules and design.

Proper, highly stable programming method will be used to ensure system flow is well structured, highly reliable, easy to be upgraded and fast.
Testing will be done during several stages. Initial testing will be done during completion of each module and also during integration of the modules. Final testing will be run again once development has been completed.

Testing is taken very seriously and never skipped since we always aim to deliver the most stable system to our clients. The testing also used to confirm the developed system meets the requirements as specified by the client.

Many times, additional testing will be also done in real environment, by the client themselves to ensure system is tested from all angle.
  Once system is complete, and tested, all test data will be erased and clean system will be installed for real time usage.

Trainings will be provided to the client to ensure they can operate the system without any issue. We will follow up with the client regularly giving tips and guidance until client is really confident and can use the system fluently. Most of the time, our client's can use our systems almost immediately since our systems are always developed with easy to undertand and navigate concept.
  We dont stop there, we always willing to go extra mile to ensure high usability of the system delivered. We will make sure every "ringgit" spent my our clients not wasted.

We will gather your feedback and refine the system to ensure it meets changing business needs and services. We also provide online data backup service to ensure the system data is not lost during unwanted disasters.
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